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Complete Green Building Testing and Verification Service

LEED AP, HERS Rater, Green Point Rater, CEPE, ICC Combination Building Inspector

Green Building Consultants and Raters

We will work diligently with design teams to identify practical and affordable green building solutions for single family residences, multifamily residences, and business occupancies. Our staff has certifications as LEED APs, Green Point Raters, HERS Raters, CEPEs, and ICC inspection certs. Our combined experience offers decades of valuable “inside” experience as building combination inspectors, plans examiners, general and sub-trade construction contractors, and construction management.

CA Title 24 Energy Consultants

Green Score Solutions has the know-how to analyze and calculate energy performance and prescriptive modeling to comply with California Title 24 requirements. We will work immediately on your residential or non-residential energy calc orders, paying special attention to money-saving approaches to build green projects in a practical and cost-efficient manner. The latest California-approved software is used to provide current documentation that will pass the scrutiny of plan check the first time! And, we promise a quick turnaround, usually within a day for simple jobs.

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Building Commissioning (Cx)

Green Score Solutions will provide the testing, monitoring, evaluating and reporting to serve as the LEED Building Commissioning Agent (Cx). Our expert staff has the latest certifications and expertise to ensure the tight standards of design requirements are met and all energy-consuming systems are operating optimally.

"As an architect who specializes in providing residential Title 24 energy compliance services to other architects, we often work with related affiliates. Rob is a man of many certifications and a varied background. We list him as an affiliate on our website greencomplianceplus.com, and have recommended him many times to our clients."

− Mark English, AIA, CEPE Owner at Mark English architects

"Rob is very knowledgeable, thorough, and helpful. Rob knows his stuff and it has always been a pleasure to interact with him because he is a good guy. Please feel free to follow up with me regarding recommending him because I'd be happy to do so as I know my recommendation will be appreciated in retrospect if you work with him."

− Marty Keller, Principal at Bay Building Solutions

"Integrity is the initial word that come to mind when I recall my association with Rob at the workplace. He always impressed me that his moral compass was always pointed true north which gave him clarity in the way he approached tasks, projects and even his life. (Perhaps this clarity is one reason he is such an excellent photographer!) Rob is a genuinely nice guy and will do right by you, even go the extra mile when necessary. He is extremely capable and has the ability to understand both the details and the big picture to produce realistic results. He possesses the rare combination of personality, attitude and ability. Bottom-line is he is a pleasure to work with from start to finish."

− Leon Kimura, President of Japanese American Citizens League ~ San Jose Chapter

"I've routinely recommended Rob Lehman to our residential clients as both an Energy Consultant and Green Building Expert for the past several years. Rob's fees are very reasonable relative the services he provides, and he has a committment to getting the job done right, even when issues arise. "

− Eugene H. Sakai, AIA, LEED AP President, Studio S Squared Architecture, Inc.

"I originally found Rob Lehman when searching for HERS raters who would have the experience and professionalism to field complex questions and handle sensitive project scenarios for custom residential design clients. Our office provided the home energy reports required by California law, and sometimes those reports required additional services in order to comply - Rob provided some of those services, namely HERS testing and BuildItGreen's GreenPoint Rating. Rob was always very quick to respond to requests and was very committed to the principles behind energy efficiency. His experience as as building inspector gave him ample familiarity with the code compliance side of green building, and his versatile building energy knowledge extends to projects both large and small. In addition to his primary practice, Rob was a featured subject-matter expert whom we interviewed for our own energy blog numerous times on topics such as HERS testing, GreenPoint Rating, and LEED certification. He is very honest in his appraisals and has been a very helpful and supportive professional colleague."

− Rebecca Firestone, Senior Technical Writer at Zep Solar